Disinformation about Pyramid UFOS


The Russian Government is using DISINFORMATION

To Discredit all the Videos of this Phenomena


The Russian Disinformation is about an alleged UN Closed Session about Pyramid UFOS

The Russian Disinformation is that the UN Held a Closed Session on Pyramid UFOS (HOAX)

The central speaker is Russian

The site exposing it as a Hoax is Russian

For some reason Russia wants to discredit Pyramid UFO sightings

Especially the recent sighting over the US Pentagon


Pyramid UFOS are REAL

They have been seen over the World

Washington DC

The Pentagon

The White House


The Kremlin


Great Pyramid Complex in Giza

Pyramids of Mexico


The wave of sightings all over the world with many videos started in 2009

Most recent appearance happened December 19th 2018 over the Pentagon

Days later the US Government was SHUTDOWN

Videos from many sources documented the 2018 Pentagon Visitation


We have a Message for Humanity

Beware of Disinformation about our Visitations

These are videos of our Visitations


SILIM SUL (Health and Light)

SUL LUGAL ENNIS (Light Rules Everything)







PROOF the UN Session Video is a HOAX